We just returned from an exciting French vacation lasting 24 days.

-Paris on Bastille day and the finish of the Tour De France
-Loire Valley

We rented a car to tour the wine regions and Normandy. After all, we had previously driven all over the UK and Ireland on the opposite side of the road. How tough could this be? 

Only Slightly!!!!  On the way out of Paris I was stopped by the Police- After observing my "deer eyes" the insightful Policeman offered the following revelation------"Be very careful driving in Paris, It is very dangerous!"

 I felt much better after that.

On the Paris Ring Road my navigator quit!  Gerry-"I'm Done!"  Lobo- "Gerry you can't quit!!!""

On Juno Beach Normandy (Canadian Invasion) the Tour Guide's comment on driving in and out of Paris-"Now that's a sport!"

Our way out resembled this video from Chevy Chase's European Vacation Movie.

Coming back into Paris was slightly less stressful . We went right through the eye of the hurricane, down the 6 lanes of the Champs Elysees to the Sienne River and only a couple of circles before landing at Avis . (Motor scooter to the left, Motorcycle to the right)-Holy Shit!!! look Out!!!!!

I am too tired to do a full report. I will forward more PICS later.

Here is the highlight of the trip for me. The Sewers of Paris.

Gerry enjoying herself underground. The sights and smells were a feast for the senses.

Thirty nine years ago I took Gerry on a date to the Reno Fair. There, a haunting voice on a loudspeaker kept repeating over and over. "Come see the rat from the sewers of Paris" 
It put us in a trance and we went in to see this rat. (It cost a quarter-Gerry paid) The rat was a huge disturbing spectacle that left a life long horrific impression on both of us. I mean, it was bigger than a porcupine. I have had many nightmares since, each one has that rat's beady eyes staring ay me. 
We both felt that the only way to rid ourselves of this terrifying vision was to travel to Paris, address our fears head on, and educate ourselves on the rat's habitat. 

And we did. And we are better now.

Where Amazing Happens

El Lobo H. Grande

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