The mountains are calling and I must go.
 -John Muir

Highlights of this trip include

-Visiting many friends and relatives
-Staying at the Damon Five Star Resort and relaxing at the Arroyo de Tranquiidad
-Fly fishing the Truckee River
-Slamming done cervezas at local breweries and Scruples
-Listening to the "River" radio station that includes "River Runs" of 7 songs in a row
-Going to Hot August Night's Concert-Gerry and The Pacemakers (Concert # 494)

-Road trip to Pyramid Lake
-Seeking and finding the secluded Baron's Beach Lake Tahoe, secret location of summer time keggars and parties when I was in high school
-Backpacking to Warren Lake in the Sierras-awesome sights, sense of remoteness and wild flowers
-Attending the Reno High School all classes reunion picnic

Warren Lake from above-PIC by James Cabanas

Warren Lake from below-PIC by James Cabanas

 Secluded Baron's Beach-Lake Tahoe  PIC by Bob Shea

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