Hope all had a good weekend. It was a great one here. The weather is really nice for June and the activities were the best!

Concert # 448

Friday night Ger and I went to see Janis Ian at the Cave Creek Coffee Company. The Coffee Company is a fun place that serves world class wines and roasts all their own coffee. It is Arizona's version of "Austin City Limits" The ambiance can't be beat.

The show was fabulous, up close and personal, only 200 tickets were sold.

There were some dirteeeeeeee liberales there, caring about other people and accepting alternative life styles, but an obnoxious cowgirl in a mini skirt balanced everything out. MMMMMMMMMMMM

Janis has aged, but her voice and song writing talents appear even more refined than when she stunned New York folk audiences in the 60's.

In 1967, at sixteen years old and four foot seven, she shook the music industry with Society's Child, a composition about a white girl and black boy kept apart by an unfeeling society. The song was banned from many southern radio stations.
I remember it well. My girlfriend and I loved that song.

"Your name was never called, when choosing sides for basketball"

In 1975 Janis released a Grammy award winning album-Between the Lines that included the hit single At Seventeen that soared to number three on the charts.
This hit seemed to touch a common nerve with many young people, particularly the female gender.

Like a vintage wine, Janis flowed through the evening. Everyone loved the show.
Janis Ian is almost 60, Jewish and gay. She lives in Memphis Tennessee with her partner.

Society's child has made an important contribution to the world. God Bless her.
That is what Janis says that they say to her all the time in the south. They are still looking to convert her.

Gorging ourselves-Canyoneering the headwaters of Clear Creek


Jacobo & Dingo having a special moment together

West Clear Creek is the classic Mogollon Rim canyon. We descended steeply down the Maxwell trail to the Creek and boulder hopped and waded downstream where we enjoyed lush shade loving vegetation, clear pools of trout, crawdads and frogs, as well as petroglyph panels. The Coconino sandstone cliffs and narrows were spectacular. There are many deep pools where you can fish or huck your carcass.
Navajo Sandstone
We found much bear scat along the way but did not have an encounter. Brightly colored butterfly's fluttered by and hawks soared in the high currents.
This is one of the most beautiful places in Arizona. (or anywhere)
We all agreed that this would be a great area to pack into and do a little fly fishing.

Arizona or Hawaii?

Men & Woman Behaving Badly

Carlita for backing out at the last minute because "something came up"?? and then wanted a copy of the trip report! Some Nerve!
Juan for not going because he is afraid of his wife.
Zo (motorcycle boy) for not going because he was on a p*^*y motorcycle trip to Canyon De Chelle where he was sitting down the whole time.

Men Behaving Good

Dingo, Lobo, and Jacobo for getting along very well, enjoying special moments together and not fighting and insulting each other like everyone does when Juan and Zo are along.
Drewsky (Mr. Sony) who graciously got my precious digital camera repaired that I fried at Havasupai. Thanks Drew!! Wish that you could have made this trip!!

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