"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH California nights, When I'm walkin with you, hand in hand by the shore" Lesley Gore-California Nights -1967

Highlights of this trip include:-Drinks at the Fisherman on the San Clemente wharf, catching brilliantsunsets-Dining at the Harbor Grill in Dana Point-Hiking in the Cleveland National Forest to the Holy Jim Falls-Shopping at the Sawdust at Laguna Beach-Walking Cody on beach after beach after beach-Checking out the Surfer's museum in Oceanside-Visiting great friends and relativesLast Wednesday we left the Arizona inferno of hot winds and forest firesand headed for the coast. This was Cody's first trip to California and sherefused to lay down in the back seat. I threatened her with a "don't makeme turn this car around" and she immediately threw up on the seat, It wasa long, hot trip across the desert.However, when we arrived it was paradise, the cool sea breezes and mildweather felt so good.We stayed at Stefanie's condo while she was housesitting for friends. Hercats remained at with us and Cody terrorized them into hiding until themiddle of the night when they would come out and meow and then the furwould fly.An extreme adventure was had by all when we drove a washboarded backroadthat horrified Stef and then hiked to the Holy Jim Waterfalls, accompaniedby millions of gnats. We really got a nice aerobic work out swatting atthem while we hiked. The waterfalls were real pretty, but Gerry did notthink it was a fun trip? Stef reported that she had a fun time, in spite ofthe life threatening trip on the back road.Stef and Gerry enjoyed visiting with Tracy and her new baby. We all enjoyedseeing family at Alan & Sue's barbecue at their beautiful home in LagunaNiguel.El Lobo, always on the lookout for the ultimate souvenir scored two of hisfinest to date-- A Saint Christopher medal with a surfer on the back wasfound at the Surfer's Museum-Too cool! Saint Christopher is the patronsaint of travelers. I used to have one of these when I was at Reno HighSchool. I think an old girl friend stole it.I also found a Killer Dana Surf Shop tank top at the Killer Dana Surf Shop.Very cool!We were treated to dinner at the Harbor Grill by the owner, John Hicks. Ihave known John since we were in the seventh grade at Northside, Jr., HighSchool in Reno. John sat with us and we had a really fun evening.The food was nothing short of terrific. John and his wife Wanda have reallyworked hard to have such a fine, successful restaurant. He has done verywell for a guy that came out of the Northside hood. We really appreciatedhis generosity.Well, that California culture keeps rolling on, and we have returned toArizona and the monsoons.Thanks to Stefanie for her great hospitality and friendship.I will end this report with the legendary classic Surfari hit "Surfer Joe"released in 1963, the greatest year for surf music. Perhaps it will helpyou to do some California dreamin or to remember those wonderful days of"T-shirts, cutoffs, and a pair of thongs." Or perhaps you will find itbizarre and troubling that any one remembers such a song.(Embedded image moved to file: pic02715.jpg)"Down in Doheny where the surfers all go,There's a big bleached blondie named Surfer Joe,He's got a green surf board and a woody to match,and when he rides the freeways, man is he hard to catch.Surferrrrrrr Joe, now look at him gooooooo,Surfer, surferrrrrrr Joooe,Go man goooooooooSaw him one day flying down the road with 26 surfboards and a 100lb. load,I knew where he was headin, tryin to reach, the playground of thesurfers-Doheny BeachSurferrrrrrr Joe, now look at him gooooooo,Surfer, surferrrrrrr Joooe,Go man goooooooooOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, Surfer JoeHe went down to Huntington beach one week, for the annual surfersconvention meet,he was hangin five and walkin the nose and when the meet was over thetrophy was Joe'sSurferrrrrrr Joe, now look at him gooooooo,Surfer, surferrrrrrr Joooe,Go man goooooooooOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, Surfer JoeSurfer Joe joined uncle Sam's marines one day, they stationed him atPendleton, not far awaythey cut off his long blonde locks I'm told, and when he went on maneuvers,Joe caught cold!Surferrrrrrr Joe, now look at him gooooooo,Surfer, surferrrrrrr Joooe,Go man goooooooooOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, Surfer JoeNowwwwwwThat didn't stop him or keep him way, when the surf was up he still had hisdayThey caught him at the trestle down by the sea and now poor Joe is doingK.P.Surferrrrrrr Joe, now look at him gooooooo,Surfer, surferrrrrrr Joooe,Go man goooooooooOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, Surfer Joe"

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