Wolf Country-Blue Range New Mexico

“What is it about hanging out with you guys that makes me want to drink?”
  Zo Martinez-August 25 2012-Mogollon Ghost Town

Road Trip!!! Three days.

Road warriors:


The Blue Range Primitive Area of Arizona and The Blue Range Wilderness New Mexico
Wolves need the wild, the wild needs the Wolves

I absolutely love this area. it rivals any natural beauty on the planet and I am travelled enough to make such a bold statement. The 2 greatest determi

nants of the Blue Range topography are the Blue River and its deep canyons and the Mogollon Rim a huge escarpment which bisects the area from east to west.
The Wallow Fire of last year did much damage but there still is plenty of Wilderness. I have backpacked extensively throughout  this isolated rough territory where the trails are not very well marked but you have the pleasure of total solitude as you probably will not see anyone. I have not seen, and only heard the reintroduced wolves once.
Presently there are 56 Mexican wolves in the Blue Range Primitive and Wilderness areas. 

We came upon tracks on the WS Trail, probably from the "Dark Canyon" Pack in New Mexico.

It's been 1,373 days since the USFWS released a new Mexican gray wolf into the wild. When you call to keep the Fox Mountain pack together, remind them that more
releases, not removals, are the way to improve the wild population's genetic health!

PER REQUEST.. the ever popular Men Behaving Badleeeeee on a Road Trip!

Lobo and Jake –for making Nick leave his full size pillow behind because “there wasn’t any room.”

Nick –for bringing Coors light as “beer”

Lobo –for flaunting his new tent. Zo- for ripping into Lobo for not testing his new tent set-up and immediately knowing how to put it up even though Lobo has had a broken back and pneumonia.

Nick and Jake -for putting the rainfly on their tent upside down, only to discover their mistake after a mini flood in their tent.

Nick -for unloading toxic Target sandwich induced walls of impenetrable fumes during a group hike. (maybe it was the slim jims)

Zo –for waking the group up with his early morning ‘alarm clock’ expulsions.

Lobo –for making Nick bring him a beer from the cooler to his tent during a downpour. Nick –for doing it.

Zo –for choosing to change out in the open of the empty campground instead of Lobo’s fancy tent. Lobo and Nick for looking.

Group –for being naysayers.

NM cattle ranchers –for posting NO WOLVES signs on the highway and their front license plates.

Curator (of Mogollon “ghost mining town” museum) – “You have to understand, the only amusement people in these small towns have, is fighting the government.”

Zo –for bringing 2 of everything, but not sharing.

Lobo –for not wanting to have a picnic lunch at the Mogollon cemetery.

Lobo – for being militant about not leaving tomato slices on the ground.

Nick – for accusatorially announcing he didn’t have the disposable income others have to spend on fancy outdoor gear, then bragging about the size of his savings account.

Nick –for running like a girl back to camp the minute raindrops starting falling during a short hike near camp.

Lobo –for swatting like a girl when a bee was buzzing around him.

Zo –for trying to instigate arguments among the group.

Froggie –for getting overly aroused at being out in the wilderness again.

Jake and Nick –for tossing poor Froggie around like a football.

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