King's Peak Utah Summit

“A mountaineer may be satisfied to nurse his athletic infancy upon home rocks, and he may be happy to pass the later years of his experience among the more elusive impressions and more subtle romance of our old and quiet hills. But in the storm years of his strength he should test his powers, learn his craft and earn his triumphs in conflict with the abrupt youth and warlike habit of great glacial ranges.” - Geoffrey Winthrop Young

Anotha Motha of ALL Road Trips as part of the EL Lobo H Grande .... "All come to look for America" series that has taken him from the Tenderloin of San Francisco  to the small Mormon community of  Manilla Utah to the Navajo Nation in Gallup New Mexico, looking for America and seeking local's help to find her.

Los hombres de  la carretera y montana    

Lobo, Jake, Zo---

 1600 miles driven in five states - 30 miles backpacking and climbing to reach the top of King's Peak (Utah's highest, 13,528') hiking in Flaming Gorge NRA, Dinosaur NM, Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP

Back by popular demand, for all you sickos...................

Men (and a Toad name Froggie) BEHAVING BADLY

Jake-for only filling the tank half way when it was his turn to pay for gas.
Lobo-for refusing to give a morning beer to fellow Motel 6-er, “Party Hardy.”  [Party Hardy was a hung-over dude who had attended a “party hardy” wedding reception the prior night.]
Zo-for giving Party Hardy one of Lobo’s prized Tecates.
Froggie-for pulling a knife on the hike into camp.
Group-for hiking past Dollar Lake and hiking 3 unnecessary miles.
Zo-for bringing a water purifier with dead batteries (what a rookie mistake)!.
Lobo-for accusing every one of being slow to pull out their wallets (even though trip expenses get split evenly at the end of every trip).
Jake-for being last one ready on the morning of hike to King’s Peak summit.
Lobo-for hovering over Jake’s shoulder as Jake tried to rush to get ready.  [“Just start without me-you're making me nervous!”]
Froggie-for not eating all the mosquitoes in camp and making Jake carry him up King’s Peak.
Mosquitoes-for constant annoyance in an otherwise idyllic camp.
Zo-for making the group hike out via loop trail that had way too much uphill.
Jake-for making Lobo buy lotion at a market in Manila, UT.
Lobo-for complaining about buying the lotion, then using more than his third of it.

Jake & Lobo-for arguing over who got the tube of lotion at the end of the trip.
Lobo-for complaining to Gerry that Jake was being slow to pull out his wallet, and refusing to let Gerry cover Jake’s expenses when she suggested Jake should spend his money on the kids.
Gerry-for offering to cover Jake’s expenses.
Jake-for being willing to let Gerry cover his expenses.

Jake & Lobo-for refusing to give a strand of hair to a group of pre-teens on a treasure hunt in Manila, UT.
Froggie-for pulling a knife at the Dinosaur Nat’l Monument camp.
Froggie-for using his big city charm on the local camp chipmunk.
Lobo-for taking Froggie into every visitor center to warm up the rangers so he could hand out his Canyon Tough business card.
Zo-for thinking out loud around the campfire when he said he wished he was wearing a diaper so wouldn’t have to get up to go to the restroom.
Lobo-for almost making Zo swerve off a steep Colorado Mountain Road after letting loose with a noxious sulfur smelling silent-but-deadly induced by a breakfast sandwich from BK. [no more BK for Lobo]!
Lobo-for inflating his share of expenses just so he could tell Neek he scammed Jake & Zo for a few extra bucks.

Lobo& Jake-for recreating the following Animal House exchange at Zo’s expense:

Lobo: Who honks at WWII veterans because he thinks they’re driving too slow? Who gives away our beer to old degenerate hung-over drunks? Who slams his fist down and declares, “This party’s over!” when the beer is gone?

Jake: You’re talking about Lorenzo, sir.
Lobo: You're damn right I'm talking about Lorenzo! I'm putting him on probation!
Jake: He's already on probation, sir.
Lobo: Well then I'll put him on double secret probation!

Jake & Lobo-for subtly trying to persuade each other:

Jake: What do you want to hear, Masked Marvels or The Shadow?

Lobo: Masked Marvels, the Lone Ranger.

Jake:  Have you heard the Shadow?

Lobo:  Put on the Lone Ranger.

Jake:  The Shadow’s pretty good.

Lobo: I want the Lone Ranger.

[NOTE: 30 seconds into the Lone Ranger, Lobo was asleep.]

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