Lockett Meadows

OK, OK, for all you Men Behaving Badly junkies, here is your fix!

A perfect calm; that not a breathIs heard to quiver through the closing woods, Or rustling turn the many-twinkling leaves Of aspen tall.
So where's the calm and the golden leaves?

El Lobo H. Grande after 6 cervezas

El Lobo doing all the camp chores while Dingo sips coffee.

Quaking aspens are my favorite trees. For me, there are few prettier sights than a grove on the side of a mountain. Or, perhaps Pam Anderson, naked in the sauna. (Inside joke with Hannu)
Mountain Men

Digo Dan
El Lobo

The boys and I went on a short road trip to catch some fall color and to do some mountain biking and hiking in the high country. We persevered high winds and cold nights but it was a lot of fun. A roaring camp fire, cervezas and good company is a hard combination to beat. It's too bad there wasn't any good company!

This small primitive campground offers views of the San Francisco Peaks and camping opportunities in the cool aspen trees that surround Lockett Meadow. This is a terrific campground for those who cherish a real mountain camping experience and love to hike/bike Wilderness trails.

Although the camp aspens had shed all their leaves, we did come across a few brilliant yellow groves of aspens quivering in the breeze. AAHHHH!

We enjoyed some great single track mountain biking on the Schultz Creek Trail.
Next year we will make it up here the last week of September.

Thanks to Dingo for driving, we returned in time for game 7-(Yeah Baby-Red Sox Nation comes back from a 3 game deficit again) and a great Mexican dinner prepared by the beautiful and charming Gerry.
What a great day!!!

The immensely popular and syndicated

Men Behaving Very Badly

Dingo for planning this trip too late in the month for full fall color and early enough for freezing conditions.

Dingo and Zo for opening cervezas within seconds of arrival.
Dingo - for planning a pasta & sausage dinner and forgetting the spicy italian sausage.
Jake - for bringing the slim jims that were used as sausage substitutes.
Lobo - for feeding the slim jims to his stomach.
Lobo - for going to bed immediately after dinner to begin filling the tent with smells of 'used' slim jims, and for continuing to expel those noxious slim jim odors every 2 minutes throughout the ENTIRE night. They say everyone has a gift - why did this have to be Lobo's!?
Dingo for wanting to go on the coldest mountain bike ride ever, too early in the morning causing Lobo's hands and nose to suffer mild frost bite.
Zo - for contributing nothing to the trip except complaining, especially about having to be the one that slept next to Lobo. He used to complain about his old boss Reechard and now talks smack about his new boss claiming that the new guy farts all the time in meetings.
Zo for taking a new "executive position," getting a fat raise and now working more hours than ever and is broke again, thereby causing him to sell El Lobo his SUV with minor problems that cost the poor wolf (on a guide's salary) a piddly $2200 in repairs at Rayco.
Zo and Dingo for forever banishing Lobo from the big tent, and ordering him to bring his own tiny bivy sac next time.
Jake - for forgetting his sleeping pad and having to use poor Lobo's and Zo's parkas as a pad.
Lobo - for pretending to be a famous outdoor guide, when in reality he always brings his pee bottle because it gets too cold to leave the tent.
Jake - for wanting to take a nap after lunch instead of going for a hike while Lobo and Dingo THOUGHT they would do a mountain bike ride [a 1/2 mile trip does not constitute a ride.]
Lobo - for wearing ridiculously tight biking 'pants' and wearing them into Macy's, the legendary Flag hippie, commie joint, to get his hot chocolate - cover yourself hombre!
Zo - for being the only one that did not prove his manliness by chopping wood.
Lobo - for waking everyone when the sun came up, but refusing to get the kooffee started. He continuously chanted Where's my koofee? Where's my koofee?
Lobo, Jake, Dingo and especially Zo - for actually having 3 beers left over after the trip.
Zo for being such an adventurous guy and buying a new Nissan SUV exactly the same (color and all) as the lemon he sold poor Lobo.
Dingo for driving off with Lobo's $5000 mountain bike (my office) on top of his car and claiming that he was not trying to steal it.

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