Goldon Gord

"Sometimes I think its a shame
When I get feelin better when Im feelin no pain"
"Sundown" G Lightfoot-1974


How was the weekend?

Homework and taxes here. We were able to get out last night for a splendid Gordon Lightfoot performance at the old Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix. A classic venue

Gordo, legendary singer and songwriter is the quintessential Canadian. He was very important to our lives in the early 70's.

To us, "If you could read my mind " is the defining Gordon Lightfoot song.(reached number 5 on the charts in 70) In 1974, his classic single, "Sundown", from the album of the same name, went to No. 1 on the charts.

We saw him too many years ago and as Gerry put it, "Maybe we shouldn't purchase such good seats for these concerts". We were in the third row. The years have not been kind to old Gord(66) And vocal cords get old too.

In the fall of 2002 he was in Orillia Canada when he suffered a near-fatal abdominal hemorrhage that left him in a coma for nearly two months

But, he played, and he was good. The crowd of aging boomers loved him!

His voice may not be as strong, but the lyrics remain the same and Sundown was as rich and deep as ever.

"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" written by Gordo, about the Great Lakes Ore Carrier sinking during a severe storm (true story 29 dead) was as haunting as when we first heard it in 1976.

We really enjoyed "Carefree Highway", his follow up single.
Carefree Highway is a road north of Phoenix and Gord related to his audience that he wrote that song at 1 in the morning coming back from Flagstaff. He almost left it in the rent a car's glove box. It peaked at number 10 on the charts.

Gordo encored with "Old Dan's Records"

Gord is a survivor and continues to perform at 40 or 50 concerts a year.

If you Could Read My Mind:

I wonder if it would be better to remember these people in their prime, spare the expense and not attend these concerts.

NO! I still need entries for my Life Long List-----Going for 500
Gordon Lightfoot ----Concert #472.

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