Woodstock Redux

"The New York Through Way is Closed, Man!"
Woodstock -Arlo Guthrie July 22, 1969 1:33 A.M.

If you're going to Scottsdale, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
Yes, that's right, there is flower power in Scottsdale!

A lot of freaks, Man!

Continuing the tradition that began in the 60's, of traveling from rock show to rock show and camping out with fellow music-loving nomads, thousands showed up Friday morning to the venue at Westworld to dig in, many came in Volkswagen buses.
Amazing! Just like old times. Where do these people come from?

The McDowell Mountain Music Festival festival went non stop all weekend, I went Friday night with Juan DA Jackal and Saturday night Ger and I opted to go to the Scottsdale Center for the Arts.

Friday night-Concert #476.....The Neville Brothers and Bob Weir and Ratdog
Saturday night-Concert #477 .....Arlo Guthrie and Family -Legacy Tour

The Mountain Festival featured an eclectic lineup of rock & soul bands from around the world."

Juan is a "Deadhead" and was decked out in a colorful tie die shirt when I picked him up.
I was wearing my outfit of choice since the 50's-501 Levis, nothing has changed there.

I was very interested in the Neville Brothers, a very fine New Orleans soul band. When we arrived Aaron Neville was singing his classic "Tell it Like it is" which hit number 2 on the charts in December of 1966. I love that song and have been waiting all my life to hear Aaron sing it.
The Neville Brothers were excellent!!!

The festival had all the ingredients of a mini Woodstock less Wavy Gravy and Max Yeager.
Peace love and music. There was not a police presence and everyone was having fun. Beach balls, frisbes and cannabis were in the air. People were dancing crazily to the music, many food and head booths, and appropriately, large trucks selling Sierra Nevada Beer brewed out of Chico California. The best beer in the world!

Juan transitioned from a conservative Republican to a let your hair down liberal. Always the people person, he interviewed several attendees and made friends with a guy selling magic mushrooms.

The deadheads were bobbing their heads like bobble dolls and in unison, pointing to the stage when Bob Weir played. Reefers were passed around. Our drug of choice was slamming down Sierra Nevada's.

I wondered why the deadheads bobbed their heads and pointed, but half way into the concert I started doing the same and fully understood the importance of this ritual. Perhaps this was because of the second hand smoke or that I simply just plugged into the feeling.

On the way home, I stopped at a convenience store so Juan could get some chew. I had developed a serious case of the "munchies". This was treated with the largest ice cream cone in the world. Best one that I have ever had!

"This Land is your Land"

Saturday night was a fantastic evening under the stars. Ole Arlo and Co. put on a vintage performance. His group included many talented family members. The crowd absolutely loved them.
Arlo told a lot of funny stories and to his credit he kept the politics to a minimum. He played a lot of Woody's stuff. His legendary father was all that a lot of people had for comfort during the depression and dust bowl of Oklahoma.

"You Can Get Anything that you Want at Alice's Restaurant"

Before playing his Woodstock Classic-Coming into Los Angeles bringing in a couple of keys" Arlo told a funny story about a Bush secret service guy that he recently met in the airport that was our age. After shaking hands with Arlo he blurted out "Alright Guthrie, are you carrying a couple of keys?"

Coming into Los AngelesBringing in a couple of keysDon't touch my bags if you pleaseMister Customs Man

We both love that song!!!

It was a great evening and a great weekend, just like old times!

El Lobo H . Grande

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