West Fork-Oak Creek

West Fork of Oak Creek-12 miles roundtrip

Hombres de Canon
Jake da Snake

After 7 straight days of taking clients through the desert, it was great to get in a personal trip to one of the most beautiful spots in Arizona.

This canyon runs 12 miles from end to end with 5 really cold deep pools in the upper part that require swimming. Water temperature at this time of year is in the 40's.
Given that, we decided to do the lower end as a Canyoneering "warm up" (a little climbing, some waist high wading) and save the upper end for July when the icy pools are in the 50's and we pack wet suits.

There is a high usage trail on the lower end for four miles before it fades and you enter a narrower section of towering sandstone into the cathedral.

This area is extremely diverse in plant life. Manzanita, prickly pear cactus and agave live on the south slopes, and Douglas and white fir, and ponderosa pines populate the northern exposure.
We saw numerous reptiles (see pictures) indicating a healthy eco system.

Pics by Zo

Towering formations of sandstone-Beautiful topography!

El Lobo Grande surveying the water depth-Have frio!!!

Snaaaaaaaaaaake!!! Common garter

Dingo Dan
Reptile soft porn
Meandering up canyon

Hombres behaving Badly
AH COME ON!!!!!!!!! – Jake, after being the recipient of Lobo’s noxious fumes. Lesson learned – NEVER walk behind Lobo.
Lobo – for being on the SOOOOOUUUP for the 10th time this (calendar) year.
Jake, Dingo & Zo – for stopping at McDonalds to get breakfast sandwiches, while poor Lobo’s stomach worked on the peas he had for breakfast.
Jake – for taking after his father and almost making a poor garter snake pass out after the snake’s tongue caught a whiff of Jake’s semi-processed breakfast sandwich.
Lobo & Jake – for being less than fearless and deciding to wait while the fearless Dingo & Zo went on.
Dingo – for telling the group we needed to purchase a Red Rock pass and then having to pay the Park Service another fee because we DIDN’T need the Red Rock pass for this hike. Also for wearing the same "Red Dirt" shirt for the 512th straight time!
Zo – for depriving Lobo of his usual after hike nap by making Lobo drive home because Zo had too many post hike beers with Dingo.
Lobo & Jake – for showing too much matching genetics when they were both picking at their toe nails while Dingo & Zo stared entranced as if watching the Nature channel.

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