San Carlos

Poncho was a bandit boy, his horse was fast as polished steelHe wore his gun outside his pants, for all the honest world to feelPoncho met his match, you know, on the deserts down in MexicoNobody heard his dyin' word, but that's the way it goes

Pancho & Lefty -Willie Nelson

This is my favorite time of year, the combination of great weather, spring training, and the NCAA Basketball tourney is hard to beat.

However-San Carlos Mexico played a trump card.

Road Trip!

Hombres de Camino

El Lobo H. Grande (El Bueno)
Jacobo la Serpiente (El Barato)
Zo (El Boracho)

We had a late start Friday evening (See men behaving badly section) and arrived in Nogales around 9:30 and hustled over the border to our favorite Nogales' restaurant-La Roca. As usual, the comida was excellent and the Pacificos went down very smooth. I was able to keep the boys out of the strip clubs and we hit the rack before midnight.

We crossed the border early the next morning and had a smooth 4 hour 250 mile drive on a well maintained 4 lane divided highway.

Our role as potential foreign investors in Mexico real estate was to perform due diligence and gather as much information as possible on San Carlos.

We had already spent many hours researching the area in preparation. Our amigos Mooseman and Peggy had recently spent much time in San Carlos and loved the area and the available activities of tennis, snorkeling, diving, mountain biking, clamming, kayaking, fishing, boating/sailing and wildlife viewing. There is a very nice golf course there too, for those that like to abuse themselves with that challenging game.
There are two international airports within 1 1/2 hours of San Carlos. One is 8 miles south in Guaymas and the other in Hermosillo-1 1/2 hours away. You can take a ferry from Guaymas to the Baja.

When we arrived we followed directions to Rich's abode. Rich retired from American Express last year and is a very happy camper, living the life of Jimmy Buffet. Having a 27 year old beautiful Mexican girl friend has not hurt his outlook on the current world situation. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Rich took us on a very interesting mini-tour (see men behaving badly section)
El Lobo H. Grande with Tetas de Cabra in the background (goat's tits)

For years, San Carlos has been a well kept secret. We were blown away by the raw natural beauty. The mountains, beaches, and desert are stunning.
The bay is one of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen, rivaling San Diego.
El Lobo Grande Y Jacobo at the seawall of Bahia Delfin Condominios

We dropped Rich off and enjoyed an excellent lunch before spending the afternoon looking at properties with Karen, our Casa de Amigos Realtor.
She did a great job, and we got an excellent feel for the playing field and the rules of engagement for buying property in Mexico's restricted zone.

Phase 1 of Bahia Delfin Condominios

The evening was spent at the local hangout called "Froggys'. Nightlife in San Carlos can be quite raucous on a Saturday night. (snowbird's gone wild, see men behaving badly section)

We stayed in a modest but very clean and reasonable motel by the beach. This was luxury when considering where we have stayed in Latin countries.

The following morning we met with our realtor and had a smooth drive back until we hit the border. Here, we suffered through a two hour wait to get through. It sucked, but we kept ourselves amused and found the mini dramas that unfolded quite entertaining. (brutal merging into one lane tactics and cars going the wrong way-(see men behaving badly section)
We finally crossed the border in a fierce snowstorm at 2000', all part of the adventure, but we won't cross back on a Sunday again.

Thanks to Zo for again being the Road warrior and driving the whole way. Thanks to Gerry for giving me a weekend pass with the house in a mess due to remodeling. Thanks to Jacobo for the time we shared.
This whirlwind tour was fun and productive. Es Verdad!

Men Behaving Badly

Zo and Jake for delaying departure by getting called into El Hefe's office (Reeechard) late Friday afternoon and getting their asses chewed out.
Zo for further delaying departure and making us go back to his place to pick up his passport. (He did gain a little redemption by bringing out ½ pound of Hershey's w/ almonds and devils food snack cakes.)
Retired Rich for continuously asking while touring the trio around San Carlos if we had time for a beer stop and borracho Zo for always responding yes.
Retired Rich for setting a bad example for Zo by retiring early, spending his days drinking and getting himself a girlfriend half his age.
Jacobo for stinking Zo’s vehicle with foul odors that still linger (and stinking up every other place visited on the trip).
Zo for once again thinking he left his cell phone at the motel when it was under his seat.
Security guard at the motel for extracting a tip from Lobo because he checked out at the desk and not with him.
Rowdy spring breakers in the room next door for waking the trio at 3 am and then having to hear a girl puking 2 hours later.
Waiter at the restaurant in San Carlos for telling Lobo he had eaten too many chips with salsa before his meal arrived.
70ish Arctic Hare at Froggys for dancing with all the women in the joint and then falling on his back while executing his signature dance move.
Band at Froggys for making CCR covers half of their set.
Barato Jake for always being the last person to get his wallet out.
Lobo for making Zo and Jake endure oldies from his ipod.
Zo for always waiting till the gas tank gets to empty before filling up and having to coast down a hill in the snow at the border crossing so the trio wouldn't run out of gas.
ASSHOLES who tried to cut in line at the border crossing.
Lobo for going out to take a pee in between cars while waiting to cross the border.
Lobo for making Jake&Zo risk pneumonia and walk across the border in a snow storm to look for a bench maker whose shop turned out to be CLOSED.
Lupe the bench maker for closing his shop.
Mooseman for wanting a finders fee of one free month's rent at our beautiful new beach front condominium. Lo siento, there is not enough room, you can sleep outside in a tent like I did in the snow at Joshua Tree! Just kidding, of course.

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