Locked in A Gilded Cage

White Bird In a golden cage On a winter's dayIn the rain White birdIn a golden cage Alone
It's a beautiful Day-1967

The "Gilded Cage'- La Paloma Resort in Tucson- (Santa Catalina's in the background)

The leaves blowCross the long black roadTo the darkened skiesIn its rageBut the white birdJust sits in his cageUnknown.
El Lobo Grande was laying on his lawn chair by one of the pools at the La Paloma five star resort in Tucson, accessing his location while Gerry was in the Spa getting a massage.

Lobo wistfully looked out at the distant Santa Catalina's and contemplated escape. He pictured himself romping in the sun and chasing mule deer.

But, with broken ribs and an injured front leg he knew that he would not get far and would be captured and put back into the La Paloma ( the dove) gilded cage. There would be no behaving badly, just good manners.

The Betrayal

You see, Lobo was coerced into going to this resort by his wife Gerry and very good friend The Fabulous Spook who prefer these resorts (gilded cages) to the Wilderness. Perhaps they thought a little relaxation would be good for the wolf. After all, the last few months had been tough ones for the pack.

White bird must flyOr he will dieWhite bird must flyOr he will die
A brief escape into Sabino Canyon

White birdDreams of the aspen treeWith their dying leavesTurning goldBut the white birdJust sits in his cageGrowing old.Highlights of this trip include:

-Dinner at the World Class restaurant Jano's -written up in Bon Apetit
-Shopping, and slamming down Pacificos in Nogales Mexico. We scored a beautiful hand made bench that would not fit into our car.
-Watching the Gold Medal Hockey game played with savage intensity by Finland & Sweden. (Sorry Hannu, --Silver but your Finns were awesome!)
-Having breakfast with the intrepid travelers Bob & Peggy Shea who had just returned from an extended stay in old Mexico.

The sunsets comeThe sunsets goThe clouds Float byAnd The Earth Turns slowAnd the Birds EyesDo always Glow And he must flyhe must flyhe must fly

White bird must flyOr he will dieWhite bird must flyOr he will dieWhite bird must flyOr he will dieWhite bird must fly
Respectfully Submitted

El Lobo H. Grand

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