Well its three in the morning and I am trying to log on with no success, toaddress the ton of Emails that have piled up while we were spending thelast10 days in Paris. My remote access sends a message that my account is notsetup to log on at this time of the morning? I love working for the new Wells!Gerry is tasked with writing this trip report. She was intoxicated with theculture. I was often times intoxicated with the wine and bier. The earlypart of our stay was spent exploring the must see sites including NotreDame,Versailles, the Louvre, Musee d' Orsay and climbing the Eiffeltower.The rest of the time was spent exploring the areas that tourists seldomsee.This included a couple of wild offbeat clubs. We got quite proficient attheMetro and touched down on every section of the city. We walked in the parksand I ran in the Bois de Boulogne. We took a cruise on the Seine. We stoppedf requently at the charming sidewalk cafes and dined at exquisite Bistros.It was all quite lovely. We really enjoyed.On a more shameless note, I was able to find Jim Morrisson's grave at thePere Lachaise cemetary. This was not easy, but my orienteering skills and perseverance prevailed.

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