-Reno/Tahoe AreaMen Behaving Badly

"We advise outdoors men to wear noisy little bells on their clothing so that the bears are not startled unexpectedly by a human's presence. We also advise outdoors men to carry pepper spray with them in case of an encounter with a bear.
It is also a good idea to watch for fresh signs of bear activity. Outdoors men should recognize the difference between black bear poop and grizzly bear poop. Black bear poop is smaller and contains lots of berries and squirrel fur. Grizzly bear poop smells like pepper and has little bells in it."
Montana Grizzly Bear Notice

Men Behaving Badly in the Reno/Tahoe Area.

-Zo for apparently mistaking the cinnamon colored black bear on the Tahoe RIM Trail for A Griz , thought that he could out run Lobo, leaving his partner to transform into bear poop. Zo did return and hid behind the wolf. El Lobo being a famous guide, held his ground, made eye contact (but did not stare and threaten) and the 450 lb. magnificent beast bolted up the mountain. (0 to 40 in 3 to 4 seconds) Note: Lorenzo is my climbing partner that I trust my life with.
-Robert Levy while hiking with us on one segment, continuously let loose with the most rancid smelling farts ever launched in this pristine environment. Rob would laugh hysterically after each and every one. Although knocked to his knees, Lorenzo took great pleasure in El Lobo's sensory discomfort. Zo seemed to think that this was some kind of frontier justice?
Rob Levy quote in a little afternoon thunder shower-"Given the current conditions should we not turn around and go back?" C'mon Rob, you wuss, keep hiking!
Wally Corey for subscribing to Playboy Magazine, and passing on dirty old man genes to El Lobo.
Tia Juana Corey (Wally's sister) for snitching on Wally to El Lobo.
Zo for stubbornly refusing to take El Lobo's navigational advice three times, resulting in traveling many extra miles. No Zo, we do not want to go towards Winnemucca!
Zo for wanting to listen to crap and not wanting to hear classic mellow 50's & 60s music on El Lobo's IPOD during the road trip.
Lobo and Zo for flaunting their new Hennessey Hammocks on the trail.
TF Spook and El Lobo at our class reunion for MMMMMMMMMing at some of the old broads that still looked decent,
TF Spook and El Lobo for having a post reunion evaluation and subsequent ranking of the old broads.
Jack Gardner for expressing his right wing conservative views at the class reunion with quips such as "Power to the People"
TFSpook who continues to blame poor El Lobo for "cutting the cheese" and clearing the dance floor at the previous reunion. He even expressed great relief that it did not happen this time. C'mon Spooooook It was Jim Littlewood-not El Lobo!
TFSpook for consistant measured and mature behavior reflecting "A well respected man about town,doing things so conservatively'. A big believer in a balanced life, Spoook apparently believes that this course of action is necessary to achieve balance after behaving so very badly during his HS and College years. (Like the rest of us)
Zo , El Lobo and Ralph for following the legendary advice of Bluto-in Animal House--"Drink heavily" and consuming countless pitchers of Fosters each night.
Roger, (Ralph's roommate) whom was very quiet until he found something (anything) to drink and then became "electric" and would not shut up.
And lastly-all the trucker (good buddy) dudes that stopped at the cat houses on the long stretch of highway between Vegas and Reno.