Montana Mountain Superstitions

Montana Mountain-5557'-10 miles-2800 ft. elevation gainI haven't hiked in the Superstitions for about five years, I had coveredmostof the trails and simply felt that there were better alternatives to deserthiking.I decided to go on a Sierra Club Hike and check out the environmentalimpactduring the last five years.The hike was a lot fun and it restored my love of the Supers. I amplanningon doing an off trail ridgeline trek for 15 miles. I will go up throughSyphon draw.We hiked through Whitford Canyon on portions of the Arizona trail and thehistoric trade route used by Elisha Reavis. On top of Montana mountain wewere treated to a panoramic view, looking down on most of the SuperstitionWilderness.I hiked with John, whom is 79 years young. He was the first to the top. He asked me if I would like a beer? I said I would love one, and to myastonishment, he pulled two Old Milwaukee's out of his pack that had beenonice!John Chugged his. I sipped mine.On the road we met a group resembleing the characters from Mad Max, dunebuggies etc. One interesting looking fella asked if I wanted a cool one?I responded that I would love one! He then took the beer out of hissignificant other's hand and gave it to me, half gone. He then cracked openanew one.I thanked him and his significant other and downed the rest.If I recall, the same thing happened to Clark Griswold in the movieVacation.His brother in law-EDDIE -made the same offer and gave Clark theopen beer and cracked a new one for hisself.

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