Ventana Canyon

After spending a couple of days in Las Vegas this week, putting up withTinsel town and a worthless Wells Fargo meeting, El Lobo was in bad needof aWilderness fix.Ventanna Canyon to the "window" 12.8 miles roundtrip 4300' elevation gainOn Saturday, Jake and two of his good friends accompanied El Lobo toTuscon's Santa Catalinas for a moderately strenuous hike up Ventana Canyontothe Esperro trail to the legendary "window" of the Santa Catalinas. The"window" is a soaring natural arch 15' high and 25' wide and affords greatviews of Ventanna Canyon.The hike starts at 2700' amid saguaro and mesquite and eventually reaches7000' surrounded by towering Ponderosa pines. Ventana Canyon is absolutelygorgeous. You are surrounded by steep cliffs and you pass many "indianmaidenpools" on the way up.The temperature was a perfect 70 at the bottom and 62 at the window.We started at 9:15 and finished at 4:00.This hike is rated a solid 9.5. It is an an all day deal leaving Phoenixearlyand returning late.We had dinner at El Minuto-Absolutely the best Mexican food in theSouthwest.(El Lobo has probably been to all the best in Texas, New Mexico,and Arizona)El Minuto is not a tourista place and is frequented by locals. The ChileRelleno is unbelievable!The margaritas are also outstanding.I had forgotten how much I enjoy Tuscon and how beautiful the SantaCatalinasare. We had a great day. The boys were great company and a lot of fun.EL LOBO SEZRemember "The Window" and El Minuto are legendary just like El LoboGrande!!I had to throw that bone out there for those vicious dogs like BrianHinshawwho enjoy jumping and biting at El Lobo.

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