Wheeler Peak New Mexico

Spent another great weekend in New Mexico. Was able to add NM Mt.Wheeler(13,161) to the completion list of the highest peak in each of the WesternStates. The hike is a relatively easy one and allows you to bag 2 13ers. Itstarts at the Taos ski area at 9000 ft. Suggest staying the night before atthe Taos ski lodge. You get a room and full breakfast for under $75 andcanget an early A.M. start so that you can avoid the afternoon thunderstorms.Thetrail follows a creek for the first mile and you are above the treeline at3miles in grassy meadows. The entire 7 1/2 miles up has breathtaking beauty.The alpine views are tremendous and include many lakes. You reach Mt.Walter(13,130) a 1/2 mile prior to Wheeler. We started back down at 10:30 and theThunderheads rolled in soon after. We caught rain and hail the last twomilesdown.My hiking partner, Richard, would like to bag Colorado's highest-Mt.Elbert(14,433) on my next trip over. It would be a long drive but seems doable.This coming weekend Gerry and I will be in Great Basin National Park andhopeto climb Nevada's Wheeler peak, another 13er. It is the 2nd highest peak inNevada. Boundary peak is the highest. My friend Eric and I completed thatonelast year and it was a great hike in a very remote area. I will neverforgetthe three wild horses we saw on the way up.We are really looking forward to seeing the Great Basin Bristlecone pineforrest and Lehman caves.

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