Galiuros-Peterrr da Sheep

Cowboys & Cowgirls-Peeterrrrrr the sheep and I just completed a great weekend backpack in oneofthe more remote areas in Arizona-The Galiuro Wilderness.We started this adventure with Mexican food in Globe to enhance the essenceofthe trip.Because this Wilderness can only be reached by many miles of backroadtravelafter many hours of travel from Phoenix- it is bypassed by most hikers andoffers plenty of solitude-We saw no human species-----but plenty ofwildlife-including a rare sighting of a bobcat, white tailed deer, a skunk, Javelinaand plenty of bear signs.We hiked up to Kennedy peak on a trail that had abundant evergreenoak,pinyonpine, juniper mountain mahogany, manzanita., Chihuahua pine, mexican whitepine, Az cypress and occaisonal Douglas fur. We saw literally hundreds ofbutterflies. The trail in the lower reaches featured desert grasslands andmany varieties of cactus. This combination of eco systems makes awildernessparadise and is exactly why I love living in Arizona that has every ecosystemfrom Mexico to Canada.Arizona has more Wilderness areas (90) that any other state with theexceptionof California (129) which is in a league of its own. Plan your nextWildernessadventure here, it is magnificent!!!! Do it now before the monstereconomicdevelopment destroys the west.Hiking in the Galiuros is a big challenge as the routes have not beenmaintained for years and some sections are simply non-existant. Also theBovine and horse puckey on the lower reaches get on your nerves. They oughttohave open season on cows!!!!!!!!!!Overall, this is an excellent getaway and is rated a solid 8.5 Thepanoramicviews of the Pinalenos (Mt. Graham) and the Santa Teresas are breathtaking.The clear star filled skies were like a picture out of Arizona Highways.Mexican wolves were in this wilderness until the 50s.We ended this trip with Mexican beer, quarts of Bud and Junk foodpurchasedfroma supermarket on the way back. This store (close to a reservation) featured2week old cooked pizza. I wolfed down stale popcorn, MMs, ice cream,fritos,and a dolly madsen pie that had been on the shelf for 5years.------MMMMMMMMMMMM----Health foodNext week is the big one ------Thunder River --North Rim Grand Canyon-4daysI hope that my feet and body heal, cause I understand that this is a tough,tough outing. Bob Shea is flying in from Minneapolis for this one.

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