Picketpost Mountain -Arizona Trail

"You see I've been through the desert on a horse with no name"America1972This 16 mile hike through the beautiful Sonoran desert, circumnavigatesPicketpost Mountain near Superior and followed Alamo and Telegraph canyon.Itwas a beautiful day in the high 70s. The stately saguaros were everywhere.Wefollowed the Arizona trail up Alamo Canyon, and headed East off trail to aridgetop and then descended into the highly scenic Telegaph canyon. TheseEdward Abbey type off trail hikes have become a preference. They certainlycondition you for challenging trail hiking, which now seem much easier.This hike involved some easy road travel but also quite a bit of steepuphilland downhill navigation, boulder hopping. streamside thickets, and spinyplants galore.I am still picking cactus out of my flank side.The Arizona trail is about 80% complete. When complete it will coverArizonaNorth to South from Utah to Mexico for approximately 600 miles. El Lobo isplanning a through hike when he leaves the corporate world of fun.Overall this hike is rated a high 7. A great alternative to the crowdedSuperstitions. Well worth doing.Next week-Saturday-Thorn Peak near Wickenburg (offtrail)Sunday-We leave for Hawaii for a week!

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