Clear Creek

> Grand Canyon> Day1 Kaibab trail to Phantom ranch Bright Angel Campground-7miles-overcast> Day2 Clear Creek trail to Clear Creek-9 miles-rain, wind sleet, snowdrifts> Day3 Clear Creek-sunshine, high winds, snow> Day4 Clear creek trail to Phantom Ranch-9 miles-sunshine/clear> Day 5 Phantom ranch out via Bright Angel Trail- 9.3miles-overcast/snowing on> top>> This was a great trip!!!>> Despite a missed airplane, last minute dropouts, forecasted storms, agroup of> four (out of 10) were able to pull it off and thoroughly enjoy all fivedays.> The final four consisted of James, Todd, Peterr the sheep, and myself.> Todd went up early and hiked down ahead of the group. He fished BrightAngel> creek on Saturday and caught a real nice trout. Peterrrr,James and Idrove up> early Saturday. We met Steve Yahner on the way up, but Steve decided notto go> based upon the weather forecast. We didn't start hiking down until about1:00> and arrived shortly after 4:00.> We had Hikers stew dinner and a few beers at the Ranch that evening. TheStew> was absolutely the best!!!> The hike to clear creek was a little challenging as it started rainingand> gusting around 11:00. We all had the appropriate gear and although attimes it> was A little tough we arrived at clear creek reasonably dry. As ifdesigned> for our trip the rain/sleet stopped when we arrived and we were able toset up> camp and eat comfortably. Clear Creek is a gorgeous area populated by> cottonwoods. During dinner a couple of wild Turkeys stopped by for avisit.> We had difficulty getting the stoves going in the wind and experienced> operational problems with both. Todd and James totally disassembled onestove> and patiently got it into operation in the wind.> It rained hard that night and we were pummelled with strong winds allnight.> The storm lifted the next morning and we spent the day relaxing by thecreek> in the sun which was intermittant, as clouds kept drifting through. About> 3:30, another storm blew in and we were hit with high winds and driftingsnow.> The storm blew by in time for dinner and we had a good night without bad> weather.> Hiking back to Phantom the next day was one of the nicest hikes/days thatany> of us had experienced in the wilderness. The sun was out and the temp wasa> perfect 60 degrees. It was really a mellow day. Along the trail, a babypink> rattlesnake (this species found only in the canyon) was sunning itself.We> also crossed the path of a tarantula.> There are great views of the river on this trail. A majestic 8 point buck> stared down at us from a ridge. Four does gracefully leaped, as if inslow> motion up to meet him> That evening was clear but we were warned that another storm was on itsway.> We planned on an early start to avoid the weather.> Peterrrr the sheep misbehaved a bit at the ranch. He stole El LOBOscampsite> that had been staked out and then spitefully got into our tent and kickedup> dirt because El Lobo had accidentally got a few grains of dirt in histent.> We again had a great feast of hiker's stew at the ranch. A ringtail catwas on> top of the canteen peering at all the people going in.> The following day was overcast, but we were able to get out just beforethe> snow. We drove to to Flag in a small blizzard. We decided to stop At EL> Cellito anyway> for our traditional Mexican feast. It was great.> All in all this trip was a 9.9. It would get a 10 without the rain.>> Next year:> EL LOBO SEZ:> I WILL ONLY MAKE A PERMIT RESERVATION FOR THOSE WHOM HAVE PREPAID THEIRPERMIT> FEES PRIOR TO JULY 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>> Next year we are considering the Tanner trail> Day1 to river> Day2 relax or day hike escalante or Beemer> Day3 Upper plateau> Day 4 out>> FEARLESS FOUR (GOOD BOYS)> TODD> JAMES> EL LOBO> PETERRR THE SHEEP, YUKON PETE, PEDRO>> BAD BOYS:(IN PRIORITY ORDER)> Worst of the Bad> #1 Brian Hinshaw -although he prepaid his permit fee, he dropped out latein> the game for the third year in a row. He bitched about a doing a less> strenuous and more relaxing trip-This one was designed with his strong> considerations and then he dropped out!!> #2 Steve Yahner-dropped out at the very last minute due to weather? Didnot> prepay any permit fee!! Hedged his bet for months saying that he wasn'tgoing> if bad weather.> #3 Rick Callus-dropped out at the last minute due to a toe injurysufferred> when he got lost in Michigain and hiked 38 miles? Rick has missed fiveyears> in a row. Did not prepay any permit fee. Works too much.> #4 Kirksey- Todd's friend-dropped out at the last minute due to backspasms??> To his credit he did prepay his fees to Todd.> #5Peter Frobe -Todd's friend. Dropped out late in the game, because he isjob> searching, unemployed, and did not pay Todd for his portion of the trip> permit. However Peter is going to the Baja if he does not find a jobsoon!!!> #6 Ted Hill> Ted has now missed two years in a row. He ran out of vacation time!! Wason> the fence for months and kept going back and forth without committmant.Ted> did not prepay permit fees. Ted is one of the best of the bad boysbecause of> all his family committmants.> #7 Haanu Haarma> Haanu is the best of the bad boys. He got put into the bad boy categoryfor> not going, however he prepaid his fees up front and said that heprobably> could not make it depending on his work travel schedule.>> GENTLEMEN-THERE SIMPLY ARE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT GOING TO THE CANYON ON OUR> ANNUAL TRIP-LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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