As long as there are canyons, man will be drawn to them.  

The Eminence Break Fault splits the rim and allows access to mile 44 of the river in Marble Canyon of the Grand Canyon.  The class 4 route starts after navigating a good stretch of the Navajo back road system. The passage goes through several layers of the canyon...and the views are off the chart.

Kaibab and Coconino Ravine
Supai Ledges (ledges of death)
A connecting traverse
Redwall Fault Ramp and finally 2700 bone jarring feet later...
At the River..Very HOT (not the river-very cold) in June but a beautiful beach, dunes and tamarisk groves that offered limited shade...President Harding Rapids is just up river.

The route is extremely steep and has many areas of instability and loose rock. There is some free climbing required.  The descent was a lot more difficult than the climb out with slightly lighter backpacks and starting at 4 in the morning with headlamps.

Bill Orman, (whom is considered an expert on Marble Canyon), Dingo Dan and I spent three TOUGH days in this harsh, hot and unforgiving majestic area. The comradery kept us upbeat despite the difficulty of this TOUGH route.

After spending 24 days of gastronomic bliss in Europe, and the month prior,  laid up in the hospital followed by home IV and not being in the necessary industrial strength shape to attempt such a challenge, I'll take it!! 

I have extremely sore quads but vivid memories of the time we shared navigating and laboring in and out of this seldom explored beautiful part of the canyon.  

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