Dave Brubeck and Concert Joe

Dave and Joe probably don't know each other. Both are legends.

Dave Brubeck

Gerry and I spent an evening with jazz pianist/icon  Dave Brubeck accompanied by his talented  rhythm section of Chris and Dan Brubeck and horn player Robert Millitello, at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. 

It was an evening to remember, an exquisite performance. Refined and perfect.

 Dave is 87 years young, but his joy of performing continues to excite his audiences. Dave grew up on a 45,000 acre  cattle ranch in the Sierras, managed by his father. The lure of piano and Jazz had him playing professionally by his early teens. In 1942 he entered the army where he served under Patton in the European Theatre.

Brubeck and his trio cut their first records in San Francisco in 1949 and launched what later became known as "cool jazz" By 1954, his popularity was such that his picture appeared on the cover of Time Magazine and his recordings were being played throughout the world. 

In 1959 the album Time Out was released and became the first instrumental jazz album to sell 1 million copies. The single, Take Five, remains the best selling jazz single of all time. When I was 12 years old,  listening to my transistor radio on the way to basketball practice, I fell in love with that song. It remains my favorite jazz piece.

During his long career, Dave has recorded with many legendary jazz artists. His musical contributions over the past half century as both pianist and composer have earned him many honors including, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and the Benjamin Franklin Award for public diplomacy presented at the White House by Condoleeza Rice.

Dave Brubeck-Concert number 491-El Lobo Life long list

Concert Joe

Concert Joe has absolutely no affiliation with the music business. Concert Joe has won no awards. Concert Joe simply goes to concerts. He lives in Manhattan and is a "mostly unemployed" construction worker that has been going to college for 3 decades. In 1989 he claims to have spent 15 grand on concerts.

Concert Joe tried to get into the Guinness Book of World Records -- something like Most Concerts Attended by Someone Outside the Music Industry -- but Joe says, "I called them and they laughed. I think they're more interested in people who can throw cow turds the farthest. They told me to call them back if I ate more than 176 snails."

A highlight of his two decades of concert-going, a night he remembers fondly, he saw a Grateful Dead concert then caught Ella Fitzgerald, then Kitaro, and finally closed the night with the Butthole Surfers. Only in New York can this be achieved!!!
Concert Joe, went out 350 nights last year and saw over 730 live shows. He has spent more than half his life running around clubs, bars, theaters, and arenas, catching some 6,000 shows and documenting his presence at each one. 
"I'm getting older. I can't keep this up any longer," Joe says
Like Dave Brubeck, Concert Joe is also a legend and deserving of White House recognition. His life's work serves as a fine example for the youngsters of this country. Select a goal and "Get Errr Done!""
Note: El Lobo's lifelong list of concerts does not include performances at clubs, bars garage bands etc. I mean, if I included the Justus Five and all the other stuff I have seen, God only knows what my number would be, taking nothing away from Joe.  My list is exclusive. An artist or group must have had at least one hit on the Billboard Charts. Also, Concert Joe does not have a wife that saw the Beatles in Candlestick in 1966.
Screw Concert Joe!!!!
Concert Joe

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