The Who

"Ever since I was a young boy, I've played the silver ball."

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend......Rock & Roll Legends. They did not disappoint!!
Daltrey's vocal chords are a little weakened after 40 years, but the intensity was still there.
Townsend's sweeping guitar moves are still amazing.

Playing to many generations, their song selection ranged from their classics to the present.
They played several songs from their new CD, "Ëndless Wire" which were quite good but not the vintage "Who" that we wanted to hear.

They included their 1981 hit- "You better go bet" (#18 on the charts for 15 weeks) Gerry recognized only three of the songs that they played. Their new stuff was played at the expense of not including their late 60s classics "Magic Bus" and "Ï can see for miles and miles" MMMMMMMMMMM.......... Bummmmmmmerrr!

"Pinball Wizard" was extraordinary!!! I have waited 40 years to see the Who do that one.

Overall, a great performance but without the two classics, and because they didn't smash their guitars on stage, it was a little disappointing. However I was able to score a Who poster and shirt.

OK that's it!! Concert number 474-a 26 mile marathon to go!

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