Classic Rock-Deep Purple-Edgar Winter Group

"Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky"

The boys (Dingo Dog & Zo) and I took in a couple of kick ass bands last night. The show was at the Old Sun Dome in Sun City so it was a road trip to get to that side of town.
I am not an aficionado of hard rock and heavy metal but these bands are legendary, I love their chart hits and I needed them for my list. This concert definitely increased my concert list stock. and..................................
The show was awesome!
The Edgar Winter Group opened for Deep Purple.
Edgar Winter had significant success in the 1970s and 1980s. He is a talented keyboard player, vocalist, saxophonist and percussionist, well-versed in jazz, blues and rock. His brother is blue rock guitarist and vocalist, Johnny Winters. Both Edgar and Johnny have albinism.
They played for an hour and included their 1973 hits Free Ride and Frankenstein. Frankenstein hit number 1 in March of that year and stayed on the charts for 20 weeks. It is amazing that a hard rock instrumental could reach that position and sustain.
Edgar Winter in 73

Deep Purple played for close to 2 hours and brought the house down.
Deep Purple is an English hard rock band formed in 1968. Along with Led Zepellin and Black Sabath, they are considered one of the pioneers of heavy metal and hard rock.
They are nothing short of legendary in Classic Rock circles.

Deep Purple today

They went through all their classics, including Smoke on the Water and Hush. Both, hit number 4 on the charts in 1968 and 1973 respectively.


The show was a slice of life as the unruly audience was from primarily the "West Side" and the ushers/bouncers were Sun City Seniors in their 70s.and 80s.
The ushers tried numerous times to get the crowd to sit down and return to their seats. They were overwhelmed and fearing that they would be trampled by the raucous 50s age group the white haired Sun City Senior officials retreated to safety.

Too funny!!!

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