Locked in A Gilded Cage

White Bird In a golden cage On a winter's dayIn the rain White birdIn a golden cage Alone
It's a beautiful Day-1967

The "Gilded Cage'- La Paloma Resort in Tucson- (Santa Catalina's in the background)

The leaves blowCross the long black roadTo the darkened skiesIn its rageBut the white birdJust sits in his cageUnknown.
El Lobo Grande was laying on his lawn chair by one of the pools at the La Paloma five star resort in Tucson, accessing his location while Gerry was in the Spa getting a massage.

Lobo wistfully looked out at the distant Santa Catalina's and contemplated escape. He pictured himself romping in the sun and chasing mule deer.

But, with broken ribs and an injured front leg he knew that he would not get far and would be captured and put back into the La Paloma ( the dove) gilded cage. There would be no behaving badly, just good manners.

The Betrayal

You see, Lobo was coerced into going to this resort by his wife Gerry and very good friend The Fabulous Spook who prefer these resorts (gilded cages) to the Wilderness. Perhaps they thought a little relaxation would be good for the wolf. After all, the last few months had been tough ones for the pack.

White bird must flyOr he will dieWhite bird must flyOr he will die
A brief escape into Sabino Canyon

White birdDreams of the aspen treeWith their dying leavesTurning goldBut the white birdJust sits in his cageGrowing old.Highlights of this trip include:

-Dinner at the World Class restaurant Jano's -written up in Bon Apetit
-Shopping, and slamming down Pacificos in Nogales Mexico. We scored a beautiful hand made bench that would not fit into our car.
-Watching the Gold Medal Hockey game played with savage intensity by Finland & Sweden. (Sorry Hannu, --Silver but your Finns were awesome!)
-Having breakfast with the intrepid travelers Bob & Peggy Shea who had just returned from an extended stay in old Mexico.

The sunsets comeThe sunsets goThe clouds Float byAnd The Earth Turns slowAnd the Birds EyesDo always Glow And he must flyhe must flyhe must fly

White bird must flyOr he will dieWhite bird must flyOr he will dieWhite bird must flyOr he will dieWhite bird must fly
Respectfully Submitted

El Lobo H. Grand

West Fork-Oak Creek

West Fork of Oak Creek-12 miles roundtrip

Hombres de Canon
Jake da Snake

After 7 straight days of taking clients through the desert, it was great to get in a personal trip to one of the most beautiful spots in Arizona.

This canyon runs 12 miles from end to end with 5 really cold deep pools in the upper part that require swimming. Water temperature at this time of year is in the 40's.
Given that, we decided to do the lower end as a Canyoneering "warm up" (a little climbing, some waist high wading) and save the upper end for July when the icy pools are in the 50's and we pack wet suits.

There is a high usage trail on the lower end for four miles before it fades and you enter a narrower section of towering sandstone into the cathedral.

This area is extremely diverse in plant life. Manzanita, prickly pear cactus and agave live on the south slopes, and Douglas and white fir, and ponderosa pines populate the northern exposure.
We saw numerous reptiles (see pictures) indicating a healthy eco system.

Pics by Zo

Towering formations of sandstone-Beautiful topography!

El Lobo Grande surveying the water depth-Have frio!!!

Snaaaaaaaaaaake!!! Common garter

Dingo Dan
Reptile soft porn
Meandering up canyon

Hombres behaving Badly
AH COME ON!!!!!!!!! – Jake, after being the recipient of Lobo’s noxious fumes. Lesson learned – NEVER walk behind Lobo.
Lobo – for being on the SOOOOOUUUP for the 10th time this (calendar) year.
Jake, Dingo & Zo – for stopping at McDonalds to get breakfast sandwiches, while poor Lobo’s stomach worked on the peas he had for breakfast.
Jake – for taking after his father and almost making a poor garter snake pass out after the snake’s tongue caught a whiff of Jake’s semi-processed breakfast sandwich.
Lobo & Jake – for being less than fearless and deciding to wait while the fearless Dingo & Zo went on.
Dingo – for telling the group we needed to purchase a Red Rock pass and then having to pay the Park Service another fee because we DIDN’T need the Red Rock pass for this hike. Also for wearing the same "Red Dirt" shirt for the 512th straight time!
Zo – for depriving Lobo of his usual after hike nap by making Lobo drive home because Zo had too many post hike beers with Dingo.
Lobo & Jake – for showing too much matching genetics when they were both picking at their toe nails while Dingo & Zo stared entranced as if watching the Nature channel.

San Carlos

Poncho was a bandit boy, his horse was fast as polished steelHe wore his gun outside his pants, for all the honest world to feelPoncho met his match, you know, on the deserts down in MexicoNobody heard his dyin' word, but that's the way it goes

Pancho & Lefty -Willie Nelson

This is my favorite time of year, the combination of great weather, spring training, and the NCAA Basketball tourney is hard to beat.

However-San Carlos Mexico played a trump card.

Road Trip!

Hombres de Camino

El Lobo H. Grande (El Bueno)
Jacobo la Serpiente (El Barato)
Zo (El Boracho)

We had a late start Friday evening (See men behaving badly section) and arrived in Nogales around 9:30 and hustled over the border to our favorite Nogales' restaurant-La Roca. As usual, the comida was excellent and the Pacificos went down very smooth. I was able to keep the boys out of the strip clubs and we hit the rack before midnight.

We crossed the border early the next morning and had a smooth 4 hour 250 mile drive on a well maintained 4 lane divided highway.

Our role as potential foreign investors in Mexico real estate was to perform due diligence and gather as much information as possible on San Carlos.

We had already spent many hours researching the area in preparation. Our amigos Mooseman and Peggy had recently spent much time in San Carlos and loved the area and the available activities of tennis, snorkeling, diving, mountain biking, clamming, kayaking, fishing, boating/sailing and wildlife viewing. There is a very nice golf course there too, for those that like to abuse themselves with that challenging game.
There are two international airports within 1 1/2 hours of San Carlos. One is 8 miles south in Guaymas and the other in Hermosillo-1 1/2 hours away. You can take a ferry from Guaymas to the Baja.

When we arrived we followed directions to Rich's abode. Rich retired from American Express last year and is a very happy camper, living the life of Jimmy Buffet. Having a 27 year old beautiful Mexican girl friend has not hurt his outlook on the current world situation. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Rich took us on a very interesting mini-tour (see men behaving badly section)
El Lobo H. Grande with Tetas de Cabra in the background (goat's tits)

For years, San Carlos has been a well kept secret. We were blown away by the raw natural beauty. The mountains, beaches, and desert are stunning.
The bay is one of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen, rivaling San Diego.
El Lobo Grande Y Jacobo at the seawall of Bahia Delfin Condominios

We dropped Rich off and enjoyed an excellent lunch before spending the afternoon looking at properties with Karen, our Casa de Amigos Realtor.
She did a great job, and we got an excellent feel for the playing field and the rules of engagement for buying property in Mexico's restricted zone.

Phase 1 of Bahia Delfin Condominios

The evening was spent at the local hangout called "Froggys'. Nightlife in San Carlos can be quite raucous on a Saturday night. (snowbird's gone wild, see men behaving badly section)

We stayed in a modest but very clean and reasonable motel by the beach. This was luxury when considering where we have stayed in Latin countries.

The following morning we met with our realtor and had a smooth drive back until we hit the border. Here, we suffered through a two hour wait to get through. It sucked, but we kept ourselves amused and found the mini dramas that unfolded quite entertaining. (brutal merging into one lane tactics and cars going the wrong way-(see men behaving badly section)
We finally crossed the border in a fierce snowstorm at 2000', all part of the adventure, but we won't cross back on a Sunday again.

Thanks to Zo for again being the Road warrior and driving the whole way. Thanks to Gerry for giving me a weekend pass with the house in a mess due to remodeling. Thanks to Jacobo for the time we shared.
This whirlwind tour was fun and productive. Es Verdad!

Men Behaving Badly

Zo and Jake for delaying departure by getting called into El Hefe's office (Reeechard) late Friday afternoon and getting their asses chewed out.
Zo for further delaying departure and making us go back to his place to pick up his passport. (He did gain a little redemption by bringing out ½ pound of Hershey's w/ almonds and devils food snack cakes.)
Retired Rich for continuously asking while touring the trio around San Carlos if we had time for a beer stop and borracho Zo for always responding yes.
Retired Rich for setting a bad example for Zo by retiring early, spending his days drinking and getting himself a girlfriend half his age.
Jacobo for stinking Zo’s vehicle with foul odors that still linger (and stinking up every other place visited on the trip).
Zo for once again thinking he left his cell phone at the motel when it was under his seat.
Security guard at the motel for extracting a tip from Lobo because he checked out at the desk and not with him.
Rowdy spring breakers in the room next door for waking the trio at 3 am and then having to hear a girl puking 2 hours later.
Waiter at the restaurant in San Carlos for telling Lobo he had eaten too many chips with salsa before his meal arrived.
70ish Arctic Hare at Froggys for dancing with all the women in the joint and then falling on his back while executing his signature dance move.
Band at Froggys for making CCR covers half of their set.
Barato Jake for always being the last person to get his wallet out.
Lobo for making Zo and Jake endure oldies from his ipod.
Zo for always waiting till the gas tank gets to empty before filling up and having to coast down a hill in the snow at the border crossing so the trio wouldn't run out of gas.
ASSHOLES who tried to cut in line at the border crossing.
Lobo for going out to take a pee in between cars while waiting to cross the border.
Lobo for making Jake&Zo risk pneumonia and walk across the border in a snow storm to look for a bench maker whose shop turned out to be CLOSED.
Lupe the bench maker for closing his shop.
Mooseman for wanting a finders fee of one free month's rent at our beautiful new beach front condominium. Lo siento, there is not enough room, you can sleep outside in a tent like I did in the snow at Joshua Tree! Just kidding, of course.

Mary Wilson

Through the Mirror of My Mind-Time after Time-"Reflections Of the way life used to be"

Mary Wilson-Concert # 462
Fort McDowell Casino -May 14-2006

Mary Wilson put on a dynamite show last night. At 62 years young she looks great and kept the sold out crowd of ancient baby boomers on their feet for an hour and a half.

Mary co-founded one of the most successful female groups-The Supreme's.
Since then, Wilson has gone on to be a part of dozens of hit records, has written a best-selling autobiography, performed on stage and screen, lectured and toured the world.

The Supreme's has an unprecedented 12 number 1 hits including “Where Did Our Love Go,” “Baby Love,” “Come See About Me” and “Stop, In The Name Of Love,” The Supreme's set the precedent for super group success.
In 1988 they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
You can win a free Bus Trip there by participating in the FabulousSpooooooook/Great Grandee Oldies contest.

In 1970 Mary kept the Supreme's going after Diana Ross and Florence Ballard left the group. She paired with Jean Terrell and Cindy Birdsong to form The New Supreme's, racking up three top 10 hits “Up The Ladder To The Roof”, “Stoned Love”, and “River Deep, Mountain High”(with the Four Tops)

Mary went through all the hits and got the"girls" on stage numerous times to let it all hang out and shake their booties. It was really fun, a great show.

Many Super Groups are reuniting for perhaps one last ride and a lot of dough. There exists quite a rift between Mary and Diana Ross. Will it be reconciled? From my perspective-Screw Diana Ross, I would rather see Mary any day!!

Men and Women Behaving Badly

-El Lobo Grande for wasting away again in Margaritaville

-The Hotsie Broad (Cat woman) in the sexy striped top and her friend that started a fight with a guy with one leg (in a wheelchair) and his family. Lobo, the peacemaker attempted to calm all down. The guy with one leg kept screaming "If she hits my wife again I'm going to kill her!"
When Lobo requested that Cat woman should perhaps "Chill out" she tried to scratch his face with her long nails.
Peace was eventually restored after lengthy negotiation.

-The Security Guards whom were too afraid of Cat woman to get involved.

Respectfully Submitted

El Lobo H. Grande

Connie Francis and Bread

"When the legends die, the dreams end, there is no more greatness"

Concetta Rosemarie Franconero (Connie Francis) is the best female vocalist of all time. (In my opinion) She has 34 hits that made the top 40 on the charts including two #1 hits-"Everybody is somebody's fool", and "Don't break the heart that loves you".
I have been in love with her since 1958 and waited a life time to see her and hear "Where the Boys Are"
The Fort was packed with a crowd of over 5,000. Connie was awesome! She went non-stop for two hours. Her voice is not quite as strong as years past but every bit as beautiful.
She ended with "God Bless America" just as she had ended her concert for our troops in Viet Nam in 1967.
Despite all her success, Connie has led a tragic life. I have the ultimate respect for her. I admire her resilience. God Bless Connie Francis. She is still America's Sweetheart.

Marlene, Frank Parrella and Gerry at the Connie Francis Concert at Fort McDowell. Frank is a retired Air Force Colonel and a great American. He likes those Italian girls from Jersey.

On Sunday night we caught David Gates & Bread at the best place in the world to see a concert -The Celebrity Theatre.
This was another Celebrity up close, personal concert-mellow and refined.

Bread was formed in LA in 1969. David Gates has been their leader and wrote, produced and arranged all their songs.
They opened with "Make it with you" (#1 in 70) and Closed with "IF' (#4 in 71)

Gerry confided that hearing "Lost without your love" was her best concert moment ever. That is saying a lot since she has hundreds of concerts under her belt including the Beatles at Candlestick in 65.

The House was packed with a very loyal and appreciative crowd. David Gates appeared to be a down home type of guy (from Tulsa Oklahoma) and was quite endearing.
He went through all their hits-- "It don't matter to me", Baby I'm a Want You", "Everything I Own", "Diary", "Sweet Surrender, "Aubrey", and "The Goodbye Girl" and a number of other high quality David Gate's compositions.

Bread had 10 hits that were in the top 15 on the charts. They are an important piece of Rock & Roll history.

That's it-Concerts #460 & #461 marching towards the legendary 500.

Respectfully submitted

El Lobo H. Grande

Classic Rock-Deep Purple-Edgar Winter Group

"Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky"

The boys (Dingo Dog & Zo) and I took in a couple of kick ass bands last night. The show was at the Old Sun Dome in Sun City so it was a road trip to get to that side of town.
I am not an aficionado of hard rock and heavy metal but these bands are legendary, I love their chart hits and I needed them for my list. This concert definitely increased my concert list stock. and..................................
The show was awesome!
The Edgar Winter Group opened for Deep Purple.
Edgar Winter had significant success in the 1970s and 1980s. He is a talented keyboard player, vocalist, saxophonist and percussionist, well-versed in jazz, blues and rock. His brother is blue rock guitarist and vocalist, Johnny Winters. Both Edgar and Johnny have albinism.
They played for an hour and included their 1973 hits Free Ride and Frankenstein. Frankenstein hit number 1 in March of that year and stayed on the charts for 20 weeks. It is amazing that a hard rock instrumental could reach that position and sustain.
Edgar Winter in 73

Deep Purple played for close to 2 hours and brought the house down.
Deep Purple is an English hard rock band formed in 1968. Along with Led Zepellin and Black Sabath, they are considered one of the pioneers of heavy metal and hard rock.
They are nothing short of legendary in Classic Rock circles.

Deep Purple today

They went through all their classics, including Smoke on the Water and Hush. Both, hit number 4 on the charts in 1968 and 1973 respectively.


The show was a slice of life as the unruly audience was from primarily the "West Side" and the ushers/bouncers were Sun City Seniors in their 70s.and 80s.
The ushers tried numerous times to get the crowd to sit down and return to their seats. They were overwhelmed and fearing that they would be trampled by the raucous 50s age group the white haired Sun City Senior officials retreated to safety.

Too funny!!!

Benefit Concert-Barry McGuire

"McGuinn and McGuire couldn't get no higher But that's what they were aimin' at."

Mamas & Papas-Creeque Alley-4/29/67

That would be Roger McGuinn of the Byrd's and Barry McGuire. Barry McGuire wrote & sang "Green Green" for the New Christy Minstrels. and helped the Mamas & Papas get their start.

But Barry is best known for his hit single "The Eve of Destruction" which hit the number one position on the charts on 8/21/65 and stayed on the charts for 16 weeks.

"The eastern world, it is explodingViolence flarin’, bullets loadin’You’re old enough to kill, but not for votin’You don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun you’re totin’And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin’"
This song was recently voted as the number one all time 60's protest song
on Satellite radio and is viewed by many as more relevant in today's world - 40 years later.
Six months after McGuire's release, on 2/5/66 The Ballad of The Green Berets by Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler hit the top of the record charts.
This was reflective of a divided country, and confused times,not unlike today."and you tell me over andover and over again, my friendAh, you don’t believeWe’re on the eveof destruction."

In September, a car struck a Phoenix woman, actress Terry Earp while she was bicycling. She remains in serious condition.
A benefit concert was organized and put on this last Thursday at the ASU Kerr Cultural Center. Barry McGuire and poet Rod McKuen, were joined by local cowboy songwriters and singers.

Gerry and I attended the concert. It was an intimate venue, seating no more than 250 and the atmosphere reminded me of folk singing at coffee houses in the 60's.

don’t you understand what I’m tryin’ to sayCan’t you feel the fears I’m feelin’ today?If the button is pushed, there’s no runnin’ awayThere’ll be no one to save, with the world in a graveTake a look around ya boy, it's bound to scare ya boy

The show featured both old school cowboy and folk music.

Barry's set included songs from the Christy Minstrels, Mamas & Papas & Byrds and of course the infamous Eve of Destruction that has become popular again and is an important part of American pop music history.

It is rated number 25 on my all time top 5000 songs. I was able to score the original Album (now a CD) that is only sold in Germany.

Barry, actually lived through the "60s" twice, now 70 years young.
He was great!!!!

Yeah, my blood’s so mad feels like coagulatin’I’m sitting here just contemplatin’I can’t twist the truth, it knows no regulation.Handful of senators don’t pass legislationAnd marches alone can’t bring integrationWhen human respect is disintegratin’This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’
Finishing the show was Rod Mckuen. McKuen is a poet, author, songwriter, composer and performer. He has penned more than 1,500 songs, including Seasons in the Sun ( #1 hit for Terry Jacks in 74) It Was a Very Good Year for Frank Sinatra and If you Go Away.

In the late 60's every college coed had a Rod McKuen album in her dorm room. I know Gerry did!!!
We pulled two old LP's out tonight for dinner music.

Think of all the hate there is in Red ChinaThen take a look around to Selma, AlabamaYou may leave here for 4 days in spaceBut when you return, it’s the same old placeThe poundin’ of the drums, the pride and disgraceYou can bury your dead, but don’t leave a traceHate your next-door neighbor, but don’t forget to say graceAnd… tell me over and over and over and over again, my friendYou don’t believeWe’re on the eveOf destructionMm, no no, you don’t believeWe’re on the eveof destruction.

Rod is now in his mid 70's and his delivery was a bit raspy, the vintage wine becoming vinegary but the crowd loved him.

Overall it was a warm, uplifting performance for a good cause. In our hearts the 60's will live forever..............And Terry will recover!

OK, that's it, EL Lobo concert # 465 on the road to 500 and induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of fame.


Well its three in the morning and I am trying to log on with no success, toaddress the ton of Emails that have piled up while we were spending thelast10 days in Paris. My remote access sends a message that my account is notsetup to log on at this time of the morning? I love working for the new Wells!Gerry is tasked with writing this trip report. She was intoxicated with theculture. I was often times intoxicated with the wine and bier. The earlypart of our stay was spent exploring the must see sites including NotreDame,Versailles, the Louvre, Musee d' Orsay and climbing the Eiffeltower.The rest of the time was spent exploring the areas that tourists seldomsee.This included a couple of wild offbeat clubs. We got quite proficient attheMetro and touched down on every section of the city. We walked in the parksand I ran in the Bois de Boulogne. We took a cruise on the Seine. We stoppedf requently at the charming sidewalk cafes and dined at exquisite Bistros.It was all quite lovely. We really enjoyed.On a more shameless note, I was able to find Jim Morrisson's grave at thePere Lachaise cemetary. This was not easy, but my orienteering skills and perseverance prevailed.


"Standing in a slide zone Falling through a time zone Steppin' in a slide zone He had me falling through a time zone"
Moody Blues 7/78

Jake and I had just started the steep climb down into the bowl of Iceberg Lake. The lake is nestled at the base of Clyde Minaret and the feeling of high mountain wilderness was all pervasive.
The lake was almost totally iced over except for a few pockets that reflected a striking blue/green color. A small cascade of water flowed into the lake.

Zo and Dingo had decided to make an attempt on Clyde Minaret. Above I thought that I heard repeated distant screams of "Test!" "Test!"
I had no idea it was Dingo screaming "Self Arrest"

After reaching the bottom, we climbed around the perimeter of the lake and followed a stream out to Ediza Lake. The stream crossings had been very tricky, the flow was heavy and fast.

At one point Jake came close to being swept away.
We hiked up to Garnett lake and returned to camp late and fatigued, having logged 17 tough miles. Dingo and Zo were anxiously awaiting us. We had told them that we were just doing Iceberg lake and would return early.
They also had quite a day and were eager to relate their adventure.

Zo took a serious fall on the snow/ice and screeched down the mountain at break neck speed for about 60' before he had the presence of mind to get his ice axe planted. He stopped fifty feet from the edge of Iceberg Lake, a 2000' drop.

He would have gone through the ice and never got.out ...dead or alive. I can
picture him with his hands and feet up, on his back, looking up through the ice. Ten thousand years from now they would have discovered the "Zo Man"

Zo, being the man he is, got up, and they continued the ascent but wisely called it quits when they hit pure vertical ice with about 1500' to go.The conditions were not right. Retreating would give them another day.

Agnew Meadows to Ediza Lake-Ansel Adams Wilderness

Many say that this area is the cream of the crop of all Sierra lakes, where amid towering evidence of mountain building and glacial action, we were in awe of the colossal forces that shaped these incredible landforms.

Ediza Lake is a true alpine beauty and a primo destination. It can be used as a base camp for day hikes or for scaling the classic peaks in the Ritter Range.
The mosquitoes were vicious!!
Ediza Lake
Ritter Range-13ers-Minarets, MT. Ritter, and Banner Peak

Dingo was a man on a mission. He had just returned from Jamaica and wanted to drive all night. He was quite disappointed that the rest of us that preferred to get some sleep.

This was unfinished business. He had made an attempt on Ritter 15 years ago and after getting most of the climb completed, his partner could not continue and they went down.

The seven mile uphill pack in was arduous. None of us had back packed in quite a while and the packs were heavy with bear canisters and alpine equipment.

Dingo was intent on nailing Ritter. The failed attempt on Clyde only fed his compulsion and I wanted no part of it, preferring death by mosquitos to a climbing fatality.
Dingo was intent on going and when I refused, he decided to go by himself. I could not talk him out of it. He got up before the rest of us and was gone. Jake and Lorenzo packed up and started down. They had a wedding to attend in the Bay Area.

I was left to worry, develop a rescue plan, and try not to go crazy with the swarms of mosquitoes on attack.

At 2:00, Dingo returned triumphant.

Loco Dingo

A great relief raced through my mind and we proceeded to cover ourselves with insect repellant and drink all the rum and tequila that should not be consumed at high altitudes or anywhere.

The next morning we packed out with packs that seemed heavier than when we came in.

At the trail head we were delighted to find our Guinness cold in the car. Even though we were totally exhausted Dingo's insatiable appetite for adventure was not satisfied and he insisted that we hike (without packs) the three miles to an impressive Rainbow Falls.

From here we drove to the legendary Golden Trout Wilderness where we explored and camped before the long drive back to Phoenix inferno.

Men Behaving Badly

-Dingo for hiking and driving like an animal just escaped from his cage.
-Dingo & Zo for no communication and not bringing a tent.
-Dingo for crying mutiny because the group wanted to stay at a hotel and drink instead of hiking in the dark with the mosquitoes.
-Dingo-For screaming "This is not a vacation! This is a climbing expedition!"
-Dingo for trying to kill Zo on the steep icy snow slope.
-Zo the fearful, for begging Lobo for a huge knife for protection against the bears and never took it out of his pack.
-Lobo for drinking his full flask of tequila and ordering everyone to get his gear and food so he would not have to leave his chair.
-Lobo for bringing his biohazard pee bottle because he was too lazy to leave his tent at night.
-Lobo for disturbing mid-afternoon valley peace by taking a cold shower, butt naked on a large rock and yelling "YEAH BABY" at the top of his lungs over and over.
-Bear for pissing all over Dingo's tire and car.
-Jake & Zo for packing out early and leaving the bear canisters and all the heavy stuff for Dingo & Lobo to carry out.


El Condor Pasa

Canon De Colca Peru -Deepest in the world