Climbing A Wet Needle

"But still they begin--Needles and pins"
Searchers -3/64


El Lobo Grande

Our destination was Weavers Needle in the Superstition Wilderness. Weavers Needle is one of Arizona's most striking and famous landmarks.
This 4,553 -foot-high peak yields an easy but potentially dangerous four pitch ascent on crumbling rock.

The approach is somewhat of a bitch. It is four miles, starting from the Peralta trail head, with an elevation gain of 2800'. There is about a mile off trail climb on steep talus.

Rain was in the forecast and we left Phoenix with the attitude of giving it a try, and if nothing else checking it out for better conditions.

We free climbed the first pitch. The rock was wet and dangerous. Zo did not like the conditions. If it rained we would be screwed. It was time to back off. Zo belayed me down and we headed for a nice lunch at a water runoff into a large pool.

We will return when there is safer conditions. This is unfinished business.

Stunning wildflowers on the well used Peralta trail. Weavers Needle looms in the background.
The Needle-A cross country scramble before you start any technical climbing.
Dingo-Te gustan mes pistolas?

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Men Behaving Badly

Lorenzo for yelling "I can't talk now" when Lobo called him at work to plan this outing. Geeeeeeeeeeez Lorenzo, El Lobo also happened to be under a lot of pressure, trying to learn how to use his new IPOD and watching the NCAA basketball game at the same time.

Lorenzo for missing climbing at the gym because he had to buy some Qtips and get a haircut after work?

Lorenzo for letting the foulest fart ever launched in Superstitions and claiming revenge. The full environmental damage has yet to be determined.

Lorenzo for flaunting the fact that he climbs 5.11s and stealing El Lobo's ATC

El Lobo for going back on the Soup Diet.

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