Boundary Waters & Anza Borenga

I did take a weekend with my good friend Bob Shea and snowshoe backpackintothe boundary waters bordering Minnesota and Canada. The weather was quitewarm, it only got to a few degrees below zero. We slept on an iced overlakeand if it were not for the Muklluks I purchased in Ely, my feet would havefrozen.We did see a couple of Mushers with their dog teams. Also had theopportunity to visit the International Wolf Center in Ely. This was veryeducational and a first class operation comporable to the Arizona DesertSonoran museum in Tuscon. They hadfour wolves born in captivity on a couple of acres. They feed the wolvesroadkill deer.We also drove the coast of Lake Superior and spent some time in Duluth. AllinAll ,a great little adventure.Gerry and I took four days and went to San Diego. The weather was not greatbut we did get in the zoo and had a nice valentine's dinner on Coronadoisland. On route we stopped at Anza Borenga desert state park and took ahike.This is a beautiful state park and highly recommended.We spotted a lone bighorn sheep on the ridgeline and watched it for closetoan hour. Later we sighted a group of 18 bighorns so it was a nice additiontothe beautiful streams and natural palms that we hiked to. On the way backwevisited Joshua tree National Park and enjoyed a short dayhike.

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