Rim to Rim

: GC N Rim hikes & RIM to RIM trip report (Embedded image moved to file: pic06482.jpg)August 15, 1869--"Early in the afternoon we discover a stream entering fromthe north--a clear, beautiful creek, coming down through a gorgeous redcanyon. We conclude to call it "Bright Angel."Ger and I left for the North Rim on Sunday and arrived in time for a niceafternoon hike on the "Uncle Jim" trail. The aspens and birch had turned abrilliant yellow and the afternoon shadows reflected a surrealistic colorscheme in the canyon.At sunset we sipped beers on the patio of the North Rim lodge. Totalrelaxation.The North Rim receives only 10% of the visitors that the South Rim absorbs.We stayed at the Kaibab Lodge. No telephones or television.On Monday we rose early to catch sunrise at Cape Final. This was a shortbutrewarding plateau top hike. We then drove to Cape Royal and then enjoyed ashort but fascinating hike below the rim of Walhalla Plateau. This hikefeatured a well perserved Anasazi granary, and a dripping spring hidden inanalcove beneath the rim.The afternoon was spent hiking the Widforss trail. This trail is arguablythefinest plateau-top trail in the Park. It is a mildly undulating trail andaffords panoramic vistas of the Grand Canyon. The route follows the rim ofthe Transept, an abysmal tributary of Bright Angel creek. It passes greatviewpoints in shady strands of conifer and Aspen. Very mellow!! Gerry keptgoing AAAAHHHHHHHH.This trail is a 10!!!After logging 17 hiking miles we treated ourselves to a great dinner in thesplendid N Rim lodge dining room featuring a killer panoramic vista viewandanother brilliant sunset.That evening we met our good friends, Bob and Peggy Shea from Minneapolis.The next morning we joined them at the North Rim campgrounds. Bob and Peggytook the kids-Toby and Sam (Wheaton Terriers) for a hike in North Canyonwhile Ger and I lounged around camp reading and relaxing. Peggy fixed agreatpasta (carbo load) dinner.Bob and I rose at 2:30 A.M. and drove to the Kaibab trailhead. We startedourRim to Rim at 3:00 A.M. This hike was a celebration of Bob's birthday. Wewere guided down the steep trail by Bob's headlamp. My light burned out at3:30. We stopped for a break at Cottonwood camp-7 miles at 6:00 A.M. andmetSteve Yahner and John two miles from Phantom Ranch. We arrived at Phantomat9:00 A.M. and took another short break. The temperature was perfect -low70sand John and Steve's excellent company got us to Indian Gardens at 11:15.Another short break. Steve made friends with Hans, a nice German fellathatSteve claimed was trying to stalk him and bowl him over. A little trailtrashtalk settled everything.Now after 20 miles of hiking we headed for the Mountain. (South Rim) Alightrain made the climb out surprisingly easy and we arrived at the top at2:05.Steve's friend Lynn greeted us at the top, she had hiked to Phantom andback.This hike was unbelievably fun and easy, primarily due to the perfectweather. My last rim to tim was a little less fun, a death march in 109+degree July 4th temperatures.Peggy and Gerry greeted us with congratulatory hugs and kisses and we allheaded for the bar to celebrate Bob's birthday.The drive home was very long. Gerry did a great job. She had broke campanddriven from the North Rim. Thanks to her we were able to pull this off andget home safely.We arrived home to find out that a major storm had hit Scottsdale. Fallentrees covered the landscape and flooding debris was in the streets.Our voice mail had a message from Clint asking to call him at work, he hadablowout in the Mustang and was in Tempe. We finally hit the bed at 2:00A.M.Today was a long day at work, my body and mind was still in the canyon.

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