"How can I be sure in a world that's constantly changing?" Rascals--- 1967RENO has been and always will be home to me. Arizona is a great adventurebut going home is magical and special. The biggest little city in the worldhas now blossomed with a new art museum and a diversified set of culturaland outdoor adventure activities. Reno has been discovered and isexperiencing tremendous growth. And with growth comes some pain.Alas, the train that goes through the center of the town is going to gounderground. I always loved hearing the train whistle at night.Lake Tahoe is still however, only 45 minutes away.Hot August Nights, a celebration of the 50s and 60s brought in thousands ofpeople and over 10,000 vintage cars from 38 different states.There is no better place in the world to have this event. I know, because Igrew up in the 50s and 60s in Reno.This report will be brief, only covering highlights as I have to pack andleave bright and early tomorrow morning for an adventure in the CanadianRockies.Highlights:-Visiting and dining with great friends and family-Hot August Nights-BJ Thomas and Rascals concerts-The annual Damon party with special friends-Aaron Evans wedding in Verdi above the Truckee River-The Emerald of the Sierras-Tahoe-It still takes my breath away-Hiking the Indian Meadow Trail in the California Caribou Wilderness toseveral alpine lakes-Revisiting Boy Scout Camp Fleishman just out of Chester California, whereI spent several summers (What happened to the creme soda at the store?)-Enjoying the Diego Revera exhibition at the new Reno Art Museum-Sharing the peacefuland beautiful evenings with Doug, Diana, Gerry andClint in the Damon backyard by the torrente de la tranquiidad. Engaging inthe dangling conversation.Men Behaving Badly:Spook,Lobo-& Jim Littlewood quite oftenWillie-All the timeThanks to the Damons for their great hospitality and friendship. They aretoo good to us.I will end this report with our Boy Scout Troop's marching yell at theCamporeesTroooooooop 1 Troooooooooop 1 Beat by None! Beat by None!A little known fact:El Lobo Grande was in the elite Boy Scout Order of the Arrow.

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